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The Heschel center
for sustainability

Promoting Sustainable Values, Planning, Living

About the Heschel Center

We develop and implement the vision of sustainability: a just and cohesive society, a robust and democratic economy, and a healthy and productive environment for all residents. The center bridges theoretical knowledge and practical methods, and creatively spreads the message of sustainability, assisting leaders from every sector of society to promote significant change in Israel.

Upcoming Events



COP26 Side Event: Engaging Citizens in urban climate action for inclusive just transition programs

Rony Erez, Heschel Center’s Co-CEO 

Our Alumni

The Heschel Fellows alumni are a hand-picked group of individuals who promote sustainability in a variety of professional fields and communities around Israel and the world. 

Dr. Dorit Adler

President of the Israeli Forum for Sustainable Nutrition. Clinical dietitian deeply involved in nutrition, public health, nutrition security and its relation to social issues, economy and sustainability.

Nitzan Horowitz

The Minister of Health in the current Israeli government. A leader for the Meretz party. He previously was the chief U.S. correspondent and commentator for the Israeli News Company, known as Channel 2 News.

Dr. Dov Khenin

An Israeli political scientist, lawyer, and former member of the Knesset for the Joint List. He was a member of the central committee of Maki, an activist for socio-economic equality and an environmentalist.

Rania Akel

A multidisciplinary artist, sculptor and painter and curator of artists' meetings from Israel and around the world. At the same time, she works as an environmental supervisor at the Green Network.

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