Local and Urban Sustainability

The Center for Local Sustainability

In 2006, The Heschel Center brought the concept and practices of local sustainability to Israel by establishing the Center for Local Sustainability. Since then the Center has been a key agent promoting sustainability in local Israeli authorities. Working at the forefront of knowledge on local and urban sustainability, the Center works directly with municipalities and regional councils in Israel by means of policy making, capacity building and networking as well as integrating innovative models drawn from best practices in Israel and abroad.

Building capacity for change

The Center for Local Sustainability proposes to instigate large-scale capacity building in local governments in Israel by:

  1. Recruiting, training and networking advocates, municipal professionals and mayors, to engage a critical mass of local governments in sustainable development.
  2. Developing state-of-the-art tools for local sustainability in municipal planning, management and legislation.
  3. Creating a support network by linking Israeli Sustainable Development initiatives and connecting them to similar initiatives in other countries.

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