Mission and Vision

The Urgency

The health and economic crises caused by COVID-19 makes it crystal clear: we are not alone. We are all connected and dependent on each other, just as we rely completely on nature’s life-supporting systems that are slowly being depleted.
The world is changing and forcing us to change as well. However, this is our chance to make a course correction. We have an urgent opportunity to build socio-economic structures that are fair and resilient and increase the well-being of all people. This will allow us to deal more humanely, effectively, and in solidarity with the challenges of the 21st century: from the climate crisis and pandemics, to artificial intelligence and automation.

The Intention

We must recruit humanity’s incredible talent for creativity and collaboration to prevent a calamity. We must develop technologies which are integrated into Earth’s ecological systems without destroying them. Most of us were fortunate enough to be born into a world of abundance. It is our responsibility to nurture this abundance, ensure that it nourishes and provides for everyone, especially society’s most vulnerable, and endow our children with a better world than the one we inherited from our parents.
Together, we can change the rules of the game, build a fair and democratic economy, and allow all people to prosper.

Our Strategies:

To create a systemic change we must work in two directions: bottom-up and top-down.

What we do: