Israel Votes, Again

There’s no doubt that Israel is divided. The COVID crisis, harshly opposing opinions of the Prime Minister, and the emerging economic crisis have taken a toll on our nation. Though the dust from the election has barely settled, it appears that we are once again headed towards a deadlock. This time, twelve parties passed the threshold and made it into the Knesset, compared with only eight last year. If we thought it was difficult to form a government after the last round of voting, this time could be even worse.   

This is worrisome. Instead of the 2020 crisis bringing us together, it has torn us apart. Politics is only a mirror to our society, and it has become all too clear that we are lacking social resilience and solidarity. In order to prepare Israel for the climate crisis, we must take drastic measures. These will require broad support and agreement from all parts of society, requiring us to put our differences aside and work together for the sake of our collective future.

The first step, in my opinion, is trust. We must regain trust in each other and in a system of government that supports all citizens according to their needs. The second step is create a better decision-making process, one that is more inclusive, democratic, and transparent. The third step is to enter into a mindset of long-term, sustainable planning. Admittedly, this is a challenge for a society that tends to vote every few months. But, if we are to take the steps needed to safeguard our future, it is absolutely necessary.

Wishing everyone meaningful spring holidays,

The Heschel Center Team

Photo credit: Sapir Fisher